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Patented Lightweight Design


The Squid Anchor patented design combines light weight and flexibility of a bag type boat anchor, with the bottom gripping holding power of a fluked boat anchor.  Advanced materials, solid construction, heavy-duty molded flukes and fine mesh combine to firmly grip the bottom, making the Squid Anchor fast, efficient and easy to use. 
Squid Anchors are perfect for stand-up paddleboards (SUP), kayaks , canoes, inflatables, duck boats, paddle boats, personal watercraft or almost any vessel up to 16' in light wind conditions.
In simplest terms, The Squid Anchor is a fabric anchor bag with hard flukes that are weighted with local gravel or sand up to 15lbs to make an anchor whenever needed. When done anchoring, simply pull anchor, empty, rinse, stow and go. 
Packability: PACKABLE and HIGHLY PORTABLE - Great for Portaging and Backpacking Conditions; the Squid Anchor is space efficient, occupying less than 75 cubic inches and weighs less than 8 ounces. When empty, a Squid Anchor can be turned inside-out, flukes inside, and becomes its own storage container. A plastic storage tube can also be affixed to the vessel, keeping the Squid Anchor up out of the way, yet ready for instant use in Kayak anchoring, Canoe anchoring, Stand-Up Paddleboard anchoring (SUP), or fishing boat anchoring.
Durability: The 'ballast bag' is constructed of heavy, wear and abrasion resistant mesh fabric with the seams triple stitched using strong UV resistant thread. Flukes are of injection molded, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. Nylon webbing attaches the flukes to the anchor bag at the mid-point and bottom.

Unique Design: The functional concept of the SQUID anchor makes it heavy only when you want to anchor your kayak, canoe or inflatable boat, yet lightweight when you’re packing or transporting!
It’s GREEN: The ‘Borrowed’ rocks, gravel or sand are returned to nature when you’re done anchoring, preserving our precious water resources from contamination.
Value: With prices starting at only $34.95 The Squid is a GREAT ADDITION for all light watercraft. Buy yours today!
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