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Gary, Ive been telling this fish story  and showing this picture all Winter. We never would have caught this one without the use of your Squid Anchor! Maybe see ya at the Canoecopia show in Madison. Regards
Tom W. - a satisfied customer!


Dear Gary
I just wanted to tell you that our 4 man group took a Fishing Trip to the Canadian Boundary Waters last July. We canoed in and stayed 6 days living out of our backpacks. We had to portage some and the Squid anchor worked out great because of it didn't weigh much. I took two Squid anchors for two canoes which came in great for fishing. One time we used the Squid anchor when we were at Crystal Falls just downstream from where Cash Bay empties into the Quetico. It held us good in pretty fast current while we fished downstream for walleye and smallmouth. The Squid anchor came in handy fishing in the boundary waters and I wanted to tell you thanks and that your anchor worked great! We also use it in the river when we fish from our kayaks or
just to rest in the current when taking a snack break. It is the first thing I put in my gear bag when packing for a trip on the water. And it is so light you can take it on the plane for fly-ins. I think I'll give them as a gift (great idea).
Dave H.
Plymouth, Indiana

Hi Guys,
Very pleased to report that the Squid Anchor works very well! For me it is very nice not having the extra 10lb weight that I normally carried with me in the past. The lake that Iwas at in Ontario Ca had some really deep parts at over 200ft and some nice streams that my OK Prowler had no problem fitting into. The anchor proved to hold very well in a current with the proper weight. So far its has been a great addition to my yak gear and looking forward to getting more use from it. As for my trip to Northern Ontario, it went very well! Caught a LOT of pike. The first day of fishing Igot a 34in 8lb pike that I was very happy with, but a few days later Igot a 39in 1O.51bpike, that's the biggest I ever caught!! Also got some nice lake trout and some 4-51b small mouth bass. Will post some pic's when Iget them off my camera and phone.
Later guys!!


Using this anchor the last 5 days of our nine-day 85-mile canoe and fishing trip in the MN Boundary Waters Canoe Area I now wished we had used it from day one! The fellows in our group were all amazed that this little collapsible anchor was able to hold a canoe with two grown men and 300lbs of gear as it gripped without fail in fast or slow current, deep or shallow water, rocky, sandy, or muddy bottom, in vegetation and tree limbs, or when there was nothing to grip at all, it didn’t matter, it held! Even more amazing was that the mesh bag design allowed the whole thing to flex making this little sucker impossible to get hung up on the bottom no matter the structure! Not wanting to lug around the 10 or so extra pounds of weight from a traditional anchor during portages my friends each with 19 years experience in these waters said they never brought one with them before. These same veteran voyagers first scoffed at the idea that a mesh bag with little plastic tines would work in this area without either getting stuck or not having enough holding power in current. Needless to say, after watching me easily dump the rocks from this anchor before each portage and fill up again on the other side, all 3 have Squid anchors strapped to their backpacks ready for the next trip.
This simple little bag filled with rock or sand along with the plastic tines quite simply allowed me to access waters and catch fish that the other canoe in our group couldn’t get to.
Dustin D
North Manchester, IN
November 9, 2011

All is good on this end with the use of your anchor. This past summer in Texas was brutally hot and seeing I'm in the HVAC business I have not had the time that I would like to spend in the kayak this summer. I did make it to the Oevil's River on the boarder of Tx. & Mexico earlier this year and the anchor worked great in the river with rocks and sand I dirt bottom. I was able to make a few trips to the Trinity River in down town F.W. which is a few miles from where I worked and the anchor worked great there. A little scuffed up but still holding rocks, mud and pretty much whatever I can find to put in it. I was thinking that I would see your product on some of the kayaking I canoe websites I forums. There are always threads on the forums asking about anchors and the types people use.
Hope all is good on your end
- Frank

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