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Squid Anchor delivers highly efficient anchoring systems for small watercraft. We are now THE small anchor resource for Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP), Kayaks, Canoes, Jet Skis, Inflatables, Paddle Boards, and Fishing Boats.
Easy to fill, use, empty, stow and go, Squid Anchors are Made in the USA using advanced materials engineered for a lifetime of use.
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Gary, Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and ensuring that our anchor arrived on time. It allowed us to get into deeper water for some fishing over our anniversary trip and we really appreciated that. The product worked flawlessly and we look forward to using it in the future. I took and attached some photos, per your request. Best, Tina

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Easy to use, no assembly required

• Weighs less than 8 oz. empty, and folds to just 12" x 2.5" x 2.5"
• Patented design allows for the anchor to be turned inside-out when empty, creating its own storage bag
• Inection molded, fiberglass-reinforced flukes provide grip on the bottom
• Mesh bag allows for quick draining and drying
• All materials are compatible for use in marine or fresh water conditions
• Durable materials and sturdy construction ensure the anchor is built to last

Latest News

Truly packable kayak anchors and canoe anchors...

SQUID Packable Boat Anchors

» Available in 3 sizes: The Squid Anchor (large), The Urchin Anchor (medium) and The Shrimp Anchor (small)
» An incredibly light weight anchor when empty, but fills and holds natural sands, gravel or ballast to ensure secure anchoring
» Strong Space-Age Mesh Materials further ensure firm anchoring
» Hard "flukes" grip the bottom for even greater position holding
» Flips inside out for quick and easy compact storage!

Key Features

Portability - It's Packable!

The Squid Anchor is lightweight (7 oz. empty) and is space efficient, (75 cu in.) yet it makes a highly effective boat anchor when filled with up to 15 lbs of ballast material. Turned inside-out, the Squid Boat Anchor creates its own storage, so proprietary "Flukes" won’t cause abrasion to things around the anchoring.


The Squid Anchor Bag is composed of a heavy-duty, abrasion and wear-resistant mesh fabric. All seams are triple stitched with UV resistant thread for a lifetime of use. Squid Anchor "Flukes" are tough, fiberglass-reinforced polystyrene. Tough nylon webbing attaches the flukes to the anchor bag.


The Squid Anchor weighs less than half a pound when empty, yet the anchor can be filled with up to 15 lbs of weight that can be adjusted as needed to match wind, current and bottom time conditions.

Optimal Uses

Ideal for small watercraft anchor solutions, The Squid Anchor is the leading anchoring solution for Stand-Up Paddleboard Anchors (SUP), Kayak Anchors, Canoe Anchors, Fishing Boat Anchors, Jet Ski Anchors, light Personal Watercraft Anchors and even Inflatable Boat Anchors.

THE SQUID ANCHOR ... lighten your load!

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