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Shrimp Pulley System includes the Anchor plus 50 feet of Paracord and Pulley. Choose Side/Deck Mount #276 or Flush Mount #277.


*Free Delivery/No Sales Tax offer for orders shipped to the continental US only; international buyers please email us for a shipping quote. Note: The customer is solely responsible for international duties, tariffs or taxes."

Shrimp Pulley System - Free Delivery/No Sales Tax*

  • The SHRIMP Pulley System bundles a SHRIMP anchor, 50ft of 550 Paracord and a Scotty Pulley (with your choice of Flush or Deck/Side mount). This SHRIMP anchor was designed for use with this system. The shorter SHRIMP anchor is up out of the water when fully raised permitting easy paddling. Easy lock and release action allows anchor line adjustment with only one hand. The SHRIMP Pulley System works well with small to medium size kayaks as well as dingies, skiffs jon boats and duck boats. For easy and convenient anchor control the SHRIMP Pulley System is a GREAT VALUE!!! Only $84.95 with no sales tax and free shipping.*

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