Shrimp Trolley System includes Anchor plus 50 feet of 1/4" of Paracord and Trolly


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Shrimp Trolley System - Free Delivery/No Sales Tax*

  • The SHRIMP Trolley System offers the same versatile anchoring solutions but for smaller and lighter watercraft. The SHRIMP Trolley System comes complete with a SHRIMP anchor, 50 ft of 550 Paracord and a Trolley Kit. Installation is simple and quick with hardware, written instructions and the YouTube video. The SHRIMP Trolley System gives you a complete ‘ready to drop anchor’ system in a smaller, ultra compact and lightweight package. This SHRIMP size package is a WHALE OF A VALUE!!! Only $69.95 with no sales tax and free shipping

Now, three (3) Squid Boat Anchoring Systems to choose from...


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