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Squid Trolley System included the Squid Anchor, plus 50 feet of 1/4" line plus Trolley


*Free Delivery/No Sales Tax offer for orders shipped to the continental US only; international buyers please email us for a shipping quote. Note: The customer is solely responsible for international duties, tariffs or taxes."

Squid Trolley System - Free Delivery/No Sales Tax*

  • The SQUID Trolley System is an exceptionally versatile anchoring system complete with a SQUID anchor, 50 x ¼” Anchor Line and the popular SeaLect Trolley Kit. This simple set up lets you anchor from bow to stern or anywhere in between! The easy to install Trolley Kit includes all the hardware as well as step by step instructions and a YouTube video to make installation a breeze! The SQUID Trolley System expands your anchoring options and is a ‘slick’ way to stay wherever you want to on the water!!! The SQUID Trolley System is a GREAT VALUE!!! Only $89.95 with no sales tax and free shipping.*

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