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Shrimp Anchor Small: 0 to 6 lbs Capacity


*Free Delivery/No Sales Tax offer for orders shipped to the continental US only; international buyers please email us for a shipping quote. Note: The customer is solely responsible for international duties, tariffs or taxes."

The Shrimp Anchor - Free Delivery/No Sales Tax*

  • Even though the SHRIMP is the smallest of our anchors it still weighs in at a hefty 6 lbs, so it makes TWICE the anchor than the “standard” 1-1/2 lb & 3 lb noisy metal grapnel anchors out there. The SHRIMP is only about 6” long so it is well suited for kayaks using a pulley system as it can be raised completely out of the water for convenience and easy paddling. The SHRIMP also makes its own storage bag and is even more compact and lightweight at only 5.6 oz. While not as hefty as its brothers, the SHRIMP, at 6 lbs max, still offers a lot more anchor weight than the noisy old 1-1/2 lb & 3 lb grapnel anchors. This little guy works great for medium to small kayaks, Inflatables, PWC’s, Duck boats and is perfect for SUP’s! A great value at only $34.95 with no sales tax and free shipping.*

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