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“How likely am I to lose the Squid Anchor on the bottom”, we are very pleased to tell you we think the Squid Anchor is the most “retrievable” fluked anchor on the market today!  You have a much better chance of getting your Squid Anchor back in your boat than you do with any other fluked anchor we know of!  This is because of its unique, patented design. The following points will tell you why:
• THE ‘ANCIENT MARINERS MOVE’:  In the unlikely event where a Squid anchor gets caught on bottom, maneuver your watercraft so you can pull the anchor line from the opposite direction than when it became entrapped. This quite often allows the anchor to be dislodged.
• FLUKES INSIDE:  The Squid Anchor can be used without the flukes deployed when anchoring on a high hazard bottom. The Squid anchor can be filled in its “storage” position so the flukes are on the inside of the anchor bag and not subject to catching on bottom hazards, or the flukes can be removed completely and used with the bag right side out. This technique lets the Squid anchor drag along the bottom to slow the decent down a river so anglers can ‘fish as they go’!!!
• FLEXIBLE BOTTOM: The Squid Anchor is the only fluked anchor designed to allow a flukes to rotate up into the flexible bottom panel under extreme conditions, thereby allowing the fluke to be dislodged and saving your Squid Anchor.
• BREAKAWAY FLUKES: The Squid Anchor flukes are made of strong fiberglass reinforced polyproplene and are designed to break under VERY extreme stress. This unique feature can free a trapped Squid Anchor and lets you simply replace the broken fluke, not the whole anchor.
• “BREAKAWAY” RIG:  Your Squid anchor can be rigged so the main anchor line is at the top of the anchor using a “breakaway” device such as a zip tie or split ring. The tail of the anchor line is tied to a bottom fluke loop. Rigged this way the anchor is raised and lowered from the top attachment, but if a fluke becomes entrapped, and excessive force is exerted on the main anchor line, the zip or ring will “breakaway” allowing the Squid to then be pulled from the line attachment at the bottom of the Squid. When pulled from the bottom, the Squid will turned upside down, empty its ballast and allowing its release and retrieval.
• In conclusion, we believe if your Squid Anchor gets caught on the bottom it is much more RETRIEVEABLE than any other fluked anchor in the world!  For all of the above reasons, and many more, the Squid is not just another anchor. It is truly a unique and revolutionary design in anchoring! AND IT WORKS!    It is light on the GO…heavy on the WHOA! 
Lighten your load….with a new Squid Anchor!


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